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Admission Requirements

General Guidelines

Applicants to the Medical Product Development Management program must have a Bachelor of Science or Arts from an accredited four-year college or university. While previous studies in the sciences, engineering or health care are preferred, applicants may come from a wide variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to: nursing, pre-med, biology, chemistry, mathematics, science education, pharmacy, engineering, business, computer science, psychology, social sciences, pre-law, or other fields of study. Applicants should have excellent computer skills, and prior experience in a relevant industry is highly desirable.

Domestic Students

Please refer to checklist (PDF) for required documentation

International Students

Please refer to checklist (PDF) for required documentation

Step 2 MPDM Submission

Review the final submission checklist (PDF) for required documentation.

Additional information can be found at International Students – Graduate Admission

Alumni Testimonial

Georgena Hontalas, Class of 2013

"I’ve recommended this program to a lot of my colleagues at work. You know, a lot of people where I currently work are very interested in pursuing their Master’s. A lot of people don’t know what they want to do."

Michael Morad, Class of 2010

"I think the people that should consider this program are people that are thinking about getting into medical device, biologics, or pharma, or if you’re in the industry, and you want to broaden your skill sets."